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Gene Roddenberry/Notorious BIG: Twin Prophets of Literature (or Why It’s Time To Embrace More Utopian Fiction)

  It’s always interesting learning things about yourself, right? *crickets* Maybe only sometimes. Okay, usually never. But for a creative type I think it’s essential. What inspiration makes us rise like Batman from the Lazarus Pit (a 20 minute recovery … Continue reading

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The Stork

The Stork liked to be well fed before he delivered.  He sopped up the last of the biscuit and gravy, fingernails slightly scraping the bottom of the plate. “Mmm, good stuff.” The couple smiled back, the husband uneasily, the wife … Continue reading

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Crystal Walls

Jerry, the beatnik “ghostologist”, was manic as he scurried across the room and around his equipment, the thinning threads of his hairline and clothing masked by pure movement.  Patty almost forget that there was an even larger presence in her … Continue reading

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