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The North Pole Syndrome

[An oldie, but one of my favorites.]   Heartless. Dickish. Mean. A scrooge. Yes, I know what the kids at school sometimes call me. I love Christmas, I love Jesus Christ, I love family and the holiday season. “Timothy, I’m … Continue reading

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American Soil (Superhero origin)

The Tibots were strange, but as customers  they were dependable. When Anwar’s father noticed their latest order—yet another jar of soil, this time from Tunisia–was unclaimed, he dispatched his son to deliver it. While it was unusual for for Mr. … Continue reading

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Heroes Don’t Come to Prudence Street

They clash in complementary colors–superpeople–hero versus villain  spandex versus leather, ideal versus the outside world. They clash, knuckles meeting flesh, bone crushing concrete, the surrounding air crackling, ionized with spite. They clash for the entire neighborhood to see, as if for … Continue reading

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Monster Under the Bed

The monster under Timmy’s bed nibbles on toes; it feeds on nightmares. Limping, sore, feet scarred, Timmy shuffles into mother’s room,  scissors shaking. The monster will eat well tonight

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The Meek

Everything was black, then blurry, then clear. Focus on the moment, Matt found himself muttering. Remember. “Outa sorts, eh?” He searched for the voice’s source. No one. Surrounding him was a waiting room, but for such a small space things were panoramic, … Continue reading

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Gaia (Erotica)

  The world was going to end, the King knew this. The tarot cards of the arcane, the hilltops of dead ravens, the boneless twins born at dusk, those had been nothing but omens, but outside—the sulfur air and wells … Continue reading

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  Eventually you figure out there’s no luck in birth or in the life that follows:  you don’t always get parents that have a clue or live in a town that offers many reasons to stay;  milk doesn’t always make … Continue reading

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