About Lucretius

My name’s Lucretius, and I’m a first-year Physics graduate student who spends his long drives from Mississippi to Texas thinking of new ideas and writing/enacting stories and publishable content in his head. I’ve been a comic book geek since I was 12, an internet philosopher since 18, and a wannabe media inventor since five minutes in the future. I love the beauty of short form fiction a la Maupassant, the ticklish excitement of flowery prose a la Bradbury, and the strict directness of blunt imagery a la Hemingway. Alas, this is countered by my love for bad black-and-white sci-fi from the 50s, bad Benetar-esque pop music from the 80s, and Bridezillas and the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I’d like to think I have a natural talent for words and storytelling, but I guess that’s up to you to decide.


5 Responses to About Lucretius

  1. Great writing and it is helping me see some great ways of doing short fiction which is something I never did much of until now. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I think you deserve some recognition for what you have here. Keep up the good work!
    The rules for that award are back on my site here http://wp.me/p1VZRr-ey

  2. Great little blog. I want to follow you but can’t find the button!

  3. Ann Isik says:

    Thanks for following my blog Lucretius. I’m following you right back! Good luck with your writing!


  4. I know I already nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award a while ago. But I wanted to give you an honorable mention in my list this time around. I still enjoy reading your stories. They are great. Keep it up.

  5. Hey Lucretius,
    I’m inviting you to the “My Writing Process, blog tour” I send you a few questions about your writing process, you answer them in a post and nominate a few other writer/authors to join. if you’re interested, I’ll send you the full information. My post date is in 2 weeks so I would need to know your answer within a week. You can email me at: ‘mikerites(at)gmail.com’ – let me know if you’re interested.

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