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The Missing Link

Alt-Left. Alt-Right. F5, F5, F5. Back and forth, over and over, Deron hit the keys. “It was here! Right here!” The back of his neck burned, his wife’s exasperation like a lamp on high. “It’s the same page over and … Continue reading

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Distinguishable Love (science fiction love story/flash fiction)

Deryk’s finger hovered above the button as Tori’s smiling, resigned face embraced him. They both knew the stakes. They both understood what had to be done. “I…I can’t do it, love,” Deryk finally admitted, wiping his wet, brown face. “This … Continue reading

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Momma’s House part 1 (horror short story/flash fiction)

Tonya now owned The House. 3500 square feet, $150,000 plus closing, no inspections, the mother of all fire sales. All that money saved waiting tables since 16, scrubbing floors, carrying buckets of shit to ditches where hungry dogs waited. Varicose … Continue reading

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Dap (a superhero short story/flash fiction)

The alarm screamed at 100¬†decibels, at a frequency especially designed to wreak havoc¬†on Talents dumb enough to break into Good Intentions Inc. Dap’s vision pulsated. His muscles ached. It didn’t matter that he was there to stop the robbery, the … Continue reading

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