Class Warfare (microfiction twort)

I took my child to school and witnessed the change. My girl, softly swayed at home, emotions tentacled, always reaching, an only child weighed by her parents whims, turned stout. Concrete. We met two of her friends in the hallway, and after polite gestures the girls fell in line. She led us to her classroom, past her teacher and the painted graffiti walls, signaling to one and all that the world now belonged to them.

As I left, i looked around, now mindful of the societies rising and falling, the uprisings and coups, the sorties and crusades. Child soldiers–my tiny Napoleon–dressed in school colors, fighting an endless battle, coming home only for an overnight retreat.


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About lacolem1

I'm a first-year Physics graduate student who spends his long drives from Mississippi to Texas thinking of new ideas and writing/enacting stories and publishable content in his head. I've been a comic book geek since I was 12, an internet philosopher since 18, and a wannabe media inventor since five minutes in the future. I love the beauty of short form fiction a la Maupassant, the ticklish excitement of flowery prose a la Bradbury, and the strict directness of blunt imagery a la Hemingway. Alas, this is countered by my love for bad black-and-white sci-fi from the 50s, bad Benetar-esque pop music from the 80s, and Bridezillas and the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I'd like to think I have a natural talent for words and storytelling, but I guess it's up to you guys to decide
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2 Responses to Class Warfare (microfiction twort)

  1. elizfrat says:

    Hi, my five year old twins start school after the summer so this piece resonated with me. I’m dreading it already and don’t want to share! 🙂 Hopefully they won’t grow up too fast….

    • lacolem1 says:

      Ha! Yeah, it’s a brand new chapter in your child’s life, and they change so much as a result. It won’t happen overnight, though, unless you’re not paying enough attention (something Dads seem to be guilty of). 😉

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