STEPHEN KING on Writing, Scary Stories, and More

I love Stephen King again.

For a while there, I’d stopped. Maybe I’d become too cool for school, maybe he was no longer my style, or maybe he really did become a hack, a two-page stock character in his own novel, a man content, intent on a paycheck and fat on creative bankruptcy. Maybe a close encounter with death made him blink when before he and the abyss stared at each other in a draw. Whatever it was, I’d had enough. The man who wrote The Dead Zone (one of my favorite novels EVER), The Stand, Carrie, and Pet Cemetery, was now nothing more than a Family Guy gag. He’d entered a creative ditch that most writers don’t have the talent or will to escape. Siyanara, Senor King. It was nice while it lasted.

But damn, did Stephen make a comeback. Sure, he’s still the master of the goosebump, the cerebellum jerk, but he’s morphed into something more. He found a way to evolve, to be literary and pop. It’s an impressive accomplishment, one I hope to someday repeat.

Here’s a video of him. I hope you enjoy.


About lacolem1

I'm a first-year Physics graduate student who spends his long drives from Mississippi to Texas thinking of new ideas and writing/enacting stories and publishable content in his head. I've been a comic book geek since I was 12, an internet philosopher since 18, and a wannabe media inventor since five minutes in the future. I love the beauty of short form fiction a la Maupassant, the ticklish excitement of flowery prose a la Bradbury, and the strict directness of blunt imagery a la Hemingway. Alas, this is countered by my love for bad black-and-white sci-fi from the 50s, bad Benetar-esque pop music from the 80s, and Bridezillas and the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I'd like to think I have a natural talent for words and storytelling, but I guess it's up to you guys to decide
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4 Responses to STEPHEN KING on Writing, Scary Stories, and More

  1. obiwannabe says:

    Just out of curiosity, what have you read recently that changed your mind?

    • lacolem1 says:

      11/22/63 and Under the Dome were both great, IMO. I also loved his book on writing. I thought Ur was…okay. I didn’t read Hearts of Atlantis until well after its release, which might be clouding my perception of his “down” years.

      • obiwannabe says:

        Fair enough — I’m reallly looking forward to reading 11/22/63 — and On Writing is excellent. You should also give Salem’s Lot a try.

      • lacolem1 says:

        Salem’s Lot was great. Just looking at a list of King’s work, it seems that it’s the stuff from roughly the late 90s to 05 that soured me. Then again, my tastes in fiction changed too. I might have to try to reread some of them.

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