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Tequila Djinn and the Mata Hari

Filtered through a bottle of Blanco Añejo, the words on the monitor were yellow and bloated–quite appropriate for the content, now edited and pockmarked, fictionalized and sanitized, wrapped in scared pleasantries and slapped with a byline of Jorge’s name. Local cartels, … Continue reading

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The Short Side of Time Part Three (Graphic novel script)

Read part one here. Read part two here . PAGE THREE PANEL ONE–Time stops.  A bird in flight, now stuck between seconds and in the path of Jason’s rampage, gets violently knocked aside.  Until time restarts, the panels should be toned … Continue reading

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John Irving on the Writer’s Craft

“When I felt like being a director, I wrote a novel.” That’s my inspiring quote of the day. I like considering myself the director of a movie, a psychic entity that changes frame by frame in accordance to the reader, creating an objective framework for a subjective narrative. I may be the director, but the reader makes his own movie.

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Office Games

The office basketball tournament was what you’d expect from a group of copy-room athletes:  pale, hairy, sagging skin in tight shorts and faded jerseys.  The final round was a battle between Accounting and Acquisitions and the excitement could be seen … Continue reading

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The Freakgirl Cometh

The Life Before/The Accident I wasn’t looking for attention. Okay, maybe I was, but I wasn’t trying to kill myself. Geez. You wouldn’t know that with the oh-so-subtle way my bubble-gum shrink of a dad laid it out for me, … Continue reading

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The Short Side of Time Part Two

Read the first part here. PAGE TWO PANEL ONE (WIDE)–We’re in a neatly trimmed cemetary and it’s about to storm. There’s a smattering of people, most the New Age sort, others less conspicuous and clearly uneasy.  At the center is Jason Pearson. He’s … Continue reading

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Joyce Carol Oates – On Writing Characters

Some more video advise from another great writer whose work I admire. Enjoy!

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